Chris + Greg | A Walk in the Park Engagement session | Charlotte, NC

Chris and Greg have the coolest story. No…the COOLEST story! They met 20 years ago and dated for a bit, but the timing was not quite right and they drifted apart. Then, ten years later, the fate gods smiled down upon them and they wound up accepting jobs at the same bank and ran into each other again. They have never been apart since. They will now be getting married out in California and then again here in Charlotte in October of this year(Yaaaaay to same sex equal rights! It’s about damn time…don’t let me get into a tirade about how my home state of NC is a little slow in the love-one-another department. But I digress).


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What is Boudoir Photography: An Interview With Deevo

Boudoir photography. What is it? How does it work? Is it something that you could ever work up the guts to do? Recently I sat down and fired a bunch of questions at Deevo, Owner and Director of Photography at Fusion Photography in Charlotte, North Carolina about his take on boudoir photography in the hopes of demystifying some of the mystery and misnomers about it.  Here is what he had to say (minus any Deevo-type expletives that have been edited out).

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Stephanie + Eddie | The Big Chill Wedding | Charlotte, NC

Stephanie and Eddie were married back in December 2014. Thanks to living in NC, we were able to capture plenty of gorgeous outdoor shots without our adorable couple freezing their tails off! This particular location is one of our favorites and has it all…waterfalls, tunnels, fountains, bridges, ponds, and stunning landscaping to boot. Even in the winter it offers so much visual interest. Of course, having such beautiful subjects sure doesn’t hurt either.

Charlotte NC bride and groom photography

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Wedding Photography Compilation 2014

Fusion Weddings 2014…here are some of our favorites. Going through all of these beautiful images and seeing them stream together like this completely chokes us up a little. Freezing all these joyful moments in time…it’s why we love what we do so much.

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Wedding-Photography-Compilation-Fusion-Photography-Charlotte-NC from Fusion Photography on Vimeo.

Britta + Matt | Graylyn Engagement Session | Winston Salem, NC

Britta and Matt are getting hitched in two weeks! Obviously we love photographing beautiful people, but these two…are just plain GOOD people in general. Gracious, witty, and go-with-the-flow…what’s not to love about working with a couple like this? We have adored photographing every single second of their journey so far (even did a STUNNING bridal session with Britta recently, but we can’t share those just yet for obvious reasons. Spoiler alert: She’s gonna look jaw-dropping amazing. Seriously. No words).

Until we have photos from the big day and the top-secret lockdown is lifted from her bridal portraits, here are a few from Britta and Matt’s engagement session at Graylyn in Winston-Salem.

Greylyn Estate Engagement photography session Fusion Photography

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Amanda + Willie | Engagement Photography Session| Enso at the EpiCentre | Uptown Charlotte | Charlotte, NC

We are no stranger to true love. That’s our business: Meeting couples and helping them celebrate how much they love each other. But every once in a while, a couple comes along who REALLY rocks our world. Couples who exude pure love for each other so much, that it comes across on camera. Amanda and Willie are one of those couples.

Gorgeous engagement photography at Charlotte's EpiCentre, Charlotte NC by Fusion Photography

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Kaitlin + Tommers | St. Peter’s Catholic Church | Byron’s South End Wedding | Charlotte, NC

Tommers has been a soccer buddy of Deevo’s for a number of years now, so when he approached us to photograph a surprise proposal to his girlfriend Kaitlin, the answer was a definite “YES!” We then were so honored to photograph both their engagement session and wedding. We love seeing a timeline of photos going from the proposal to the engagement to the wedding; it’s really cool to have a visual graduation of the most important time in a couple’s life together!


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How to Create Your Own Personal Family-Drama-Free Wedding

Is there a such thing as a drama-free wedding? In hindsight, there will ALWAYS be someone who wishes something were different. And we all know you can’t please everyone. Here are some answers to common pitfalls to avoid an excess of family drama and allow yourself to have a peaceful, beautiful best day of your life. This can even be done while keeping your important relationships intact and egos unbruised. Well, relatively intact…we can dream, right?

Gorgeous bridal party photography at Glen Cairn Gardens in Rock Hill SC

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17 Non-Cliche First Dance Songs That Won’t Bore Your Guests…Or You

We love music over here at Fusion. One could say that it may actually be an obsession…to the point of snobbery some may argue. And we LOVE the photos that can be created from the first dance moments at our clients’ receptions. From the couple’s first dance to family dances, these snippets of time often evoke the most emotion. That being said, why do the same-ol’, same ol’ when it comes to choosing the soundtrack for one of the most important moments in your lives?


Our bride and groom in their very first dance at The Big Chill in Charlotte.






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