Wedding Photography Gift Registry

Do you really love Fusion Photography, but your budget is getting in the way?

We have the solution to your problem.  Use our custom Photography Gift Registry and ask your guests to help pay for your most valued wedding gift ever!

Your Event Registry from Fusion on Vimeo.

Did you know that in a recent survey of brides and grooms, it was discovered that 82% of newlyweds sell their wedding gifts online on sites like eBay.  The survey also found 12% of wedding guests said they have been embarrassed by gifts they’ve given to the bride and groom.

Who needs two sets of china?  Three sets of pots and pans? Or of course the infamous breadmaker (we received two of them – swear to Jesus)?! So we put our collective genius together and created the Photography Gift Registry.

Just like traditional gift registries from say Bed Bath and Beyond or Belk, ours allows you to add our photographic services, like full wedding coverage, bridal sessions, albums, anything we offer, to your registry.  Guests then visit the site and purchase these options as gifts.


Wedding Coverage: $3,100
Wedding Album: $1,400
TOTAL: $4,500
Guests: 150
Each guest gifts you $25 = $3,750
You now owe $750 for all your wedding photography!  Genius, right?

Well what are you waiting for – let’s get booking today!

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