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trash the dress

Let’s face it, you’ll never wear your wedding dress again. And the day of passing it down to your daughter to wear on her big day has become obsolete. Instead of preserving it in a box that you’ll store away in an attic and never look at it again, consider these options.

Donate it or sell it. If you have no desire to keep or re-purpose the dress, cut it loose. Post it on Craigslist for a reasonable price and give another bride the chance to wear the beautiful dress. As the old saying goes “one’s women’s trash is another women’s treasure.” Let this ring true.

If you want to hang on to it due to sentimental value but aren’t keen on preserving it, why not re-purpose? A great way to pass your dress on without having to worry about the style is to have an item made from the fabric. An animal, a christening outfit or a quilt made from the dress may be a wonderful piece to pass on.

painted bride trash the dress

Lastly, why not trash it! And I don’t mean in the sense of throwing it in the garbage! A ‘trash your dress’ photo shoot is not only fun for you (and your husband if you wish to have him included) but memorable. Take your favorite photographer on an adventure to capture the process of the destruction of your beloved gown. Unsure of how to trash your dress? Why not have a paint party? Gather up your favorite colors in paints and have a paint war with your significant other while wearing your dress! Or how about a food fight?!?! How fun would it be to toss delectable deserts back and forth with your beloved spouse! Lastly, take it for a swim. Take a dive into the ocean, pool, or swamp, which ever you prefer, and capture some amazing images as you let your inner mermaid shine.

Whether you donate, re-purpose, rip, shred, paint or submerge it water, do it with love. You wore it with love the first time around, now let the dress live a second life in love.

underwater trash the dress bride