Portrait Photography

Fusion offers portraiture sessions, from family to newborns, high-school seniors and more.

Our shoots take place at various locations — your home, a park, wherever you feel comfortable, so that means no backdrops or silly props. You will never hear us tell you to “say cheese!”. Forced poses and fake smiles are just not our style.  We capture the genuine expressions on children’s faces — from that beautiful, real smile to that little goofy scowl that tells mom naptime is getting close.  You will find us rolling around in the grass or racing kids across the park. We do whatever it takes to get the perfect smile from your child.  We get creative and really strive to capture the personalities and emotions of our subjects.

We limit the number of sessions we book each month in order to provide the highest levels of creativity and quality.  Our goal is to create something new and truly unique for each and every client we shoot.

Make sure and check out our fall Mini Session packages.  Book now! Click here for more information.