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How to Awaken and Indulge Your Inner Goddess

Heather Tully - Monday, November 27, 2017
How to Awaken and Indulge Your Inner Goddess

“She is oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. The same elements that are inside the rest of us, but I can’t help thinking she’s more than that and she’s got other elements going on that no one’s ever heard of, ones that make her stand apart from everybody else.”  - Jennifer Niven

I am not just talking about that Fifty Shades of Grey , Anastasia Steele version, either. What I am referring to goes way beyond some risque inner monologue. Each one of us has access to divine, feminine energy; just waiting to be explored and harnessed. To be honest, this isn’t exactly a new concept either… Often misunderstood, but clearly felt, is the magically powerful rise of “ girl power”. We are creatures of love, beauty, creativity, passion, strength… The list goes on.

So, without further ado, here’s six  powerful ways to start connecting with your Inner Goddess- mind/body/soul.

“I am larger, better than I thought; I did not know I held so much goodness.” - Walt Whitman

Discover and Inspire Your Authentic Self

Unless you know everything that makes you you , you won't be able to fully know your own Inner Goddess. She is just the you that is within ; the energy creating everything you do. Start with the basics: what are all of your favorite things? Your hobbies? Think back to your school days, when the teacher would hand out those colorful questionnaires. From there, expand and grow your thinking to discover your dreams, desires, passions, beliefs... All of the unique characteristics that blend to make you; personality, purpose, and perspective within the big picture. A helpful tool? Writing! I spent hours using self-discovery prompts found from a simple Pinterest search. This is the foundation of self-love, creation, and finding your Inner Goddess.

“Things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them.” - Unknown

Nourish & Flourish Your Passion and Creativity

Now that you actually know what  your passions, interests, and desires are... It's time to play with them! Creative outlets are essential to the survival of your Inner Goddess. If you're not an artist, don't sweat it... Seriously. I've given up on so many things because I didn't feel like I was "good" at them. But if something makes you happy, screw everyone and everything that tells you you can't. What does your Inner Child want to do? Explore? What brings you happiness? What feels natural? What feels divine?

“Quiet, yet wild. Rough, and yet gentle,” - Sylvia Path, from The Collected Poems; “Child,”

Feel Your Feelings, and Honor Them

Yes, yes, we all know that we are sensitive and emotional beings. While this is believed to be a bad thing, it is actually  a very powerful gift; society's lack of emotional intelligence and empathy can be seen in most of our nation's problems and fears today. Women everywhere are beginning to overcome shame, guilt, and fear of expressing their emotions one layer at a time. Allow yourself to feel... It is your right. Teach others how to live by expressing your truth; inspire by example. Speak up when you need to, keep quiet and listen when you need to. Find a balance of giving and receiving with those around you. Understand that, you may not be able to control the actions of others, but you can always can control your reaction. Perspective and wisdom are the tools to finding the light in any situation; the only person that can hurt you, is you. Intuition is powerful. Delve into it.

“More nature. More mystic. More magic. Less society. More self.‬” - Schuyler Peck

Connect with Mother Nature - Surround Yourself with Beauty

There is a very real and therapeutic medicine to be found in nature. Your Inner Goddess also loves to be surrounded by beauty; think of Aphrodite, for example. The enchanting, lavish things you desire, as well as the ways you want to be spoiled. Surround yourself with color, love, and adventure. Seek the unknown in the world around you- discover it for yourself. Allow yourself moments in the sunshine each morning, and listen to the various sounds of the Earth. Give yourself frequent opportunities to breathe in fresh air, to find stillness and peace no matter where you are. 

“A spiritually established life is not an easy task; but a materially satisfied life is an impossible task.” - Sri Chinmoy

Make Room for Sacred Space & Ritual in Your Life

Me-time. Self-care. Recharge. Reconnect. Quiet space. No matter what you call it, there is a desperate need for it in our fast-paced world. You need somewhere that is untainted by the outside chaos, that holds only your energy and your  grounding. We are women, we think too damn much. We know. But when you overthink, you find yourself down several rabbit-holes, waisting time instead of chasing it. Setting aside time on a daily basis, go to your sacred space and meditate. Meditation is actually one of the most beneficial tools to listening to your Inner Goddess. Incorporate this into your daily rituals to empower and manifest your highest intentions. And when I talk about rituals, I'm not talking about The Craft or Hocus Pocus  (unless that's what you're into)... I'm talking about the routines you set in place to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Morning, night, or whatever fits your schedule - this is how you fuel your Inner Goddess. Don't be afraid to do some research on methods and tools that work for you. 

“Jesus and Buddha didn’t build churches or temples. They realized that when you make each breath holy~ you become the temple.” - Rabia Hayek

Love and Care for Your Temple

Ladies, I cannot highlight the importance of this enough. Just try to trust me when I say this: unconditionally loving and taking care of your body is critical to the survival of your Inner Goddess. Take care of your body holistically and naturally; physical ailments can almost always be rooted in emotional/mental causes, believe it or not. Our bodies are often trying to get our attention, cry for help, and direct us towards what's needed. Give yourself a self-assessment... Including diet/nutrition, exercise, skincare, sleep cycles, and how you practice self-care. Yoga is one of the best ways to channel and nourish your Inner Goddess, in more ways that just being another exercise routine.

As within, so without - the secret to looking beautiful, is feeling beautiful. 


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