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Highlands, NC Engagement Session | Lindsey and Derek

Mandy M - Friday, November 06, 2015
Highlands, NC Engagement Session | Lindsey and Derek

Lindsey and Derrick have fallen into the Fusion fold seamlessly. They are the kind of client who is literally up for anything, and have been since day one of meeting us. Lindsey is from Boca Raton, FL and Derrick from good ol' Boone, NC. Both of them are so outgoing and easy to get along with...their friends reportedly have even nicknamed them the "Power Couple." We can see why.

We drove up separately to Highlands with the intention of hitting Dry Falls, and possibly a vineyard or two (they are self-proclaimed winos and we don't mind that one bit!). Traffic was INSANE to say the least...Derrick did an amazing job of bobbing and weaving their car right along with Deevo's erratic driving, and pissing off all the other relatively patient drivers. I think that is where Deevo realized he and Derrick could be together forever...oh wait, this is about LINDSEY and Derrick, right. Anyway, traffic finally came to a standstill and we all decided to take a longer route to Highlands along the backroads. True to form, Deevo screeched to a halt at every interesting-looking spot that caught his eye. Here are some images we took after trespassing on someone's property...the Power Couple even hopped an electric fence to get it done! Mandy waited safely and patiently by the car. She does not hop electric fences.

couple standing on dock overlooking North Carolina mountains couple sitting on dock in North Carolina mountainsAfter skiddaddling back to the car before someone whipped a shotgun out at us (which has happened to Deevo on a photo shoot before whilst's actually why he prefers the term photo SESSION over SHOOT), we drove a few miles more and came to yet another screeching halt for a field that Deevo deemed appropriate. Lindsey, wearing some super cool hiking-heels, as I call them, did not complain one bit about teetering on those things through possible snake-infested grass. Don't they look comfortable and natural here? As if they picnic in wheat fields all the time, right?

couple lounging in grass couple kissing in grassOur adventure continued with yet one more trespassing violation before we reached the waterfalls. The boys were THIS close to "borrowing" a canoe they found but thankfully they came to their senses(or didn't want to risk the wrath of Lindsey, in truth) and we just captured a quick few images overlooking a lake. Deevo still regrets not bringing his own canoe OR forcing Lindsey into the borrowed one. No, seriously...every time he looks at these photos, the obsession over the canoe comes up. Someone please make it stop. 

Couple embracing by lake

We FINALLY made it to Dry Falls! This place is's completely accessible, even for people in four inch heels. The sheer power of the falls sprays water all over you, so in 50 degree weather...let's just say Lindsey and Derrick once again proved how cool they are by not complaining one bit. Our photos started off like this, all nice and dry:

couple sitting next to waterfallAnd quickly progressed...

couple kissing in waterfall couple kissing in waterfallPretty darn sultry, I might say.

We were done by this point...well, Lindsey and Derrick and I were, but Deevo had one wait, ONE more image to capture. I drew the line when I saw how poor Lindsey was shivering now that she didn't have her high heels to keep her warm. Poor girl needed a glass of wine (or four)! Here is our last image of the day before we hit up the wine bar. I think it captures Lindsey and Derrick's humor and admiration for each other all at once.

couple standing by brick wallPower Couple, Deevo and I absolutely adored this day with you! And we also adore that we seem to have made some longtime friends in the process. There is no doubt in my mind that the two of you will have an amazing and interesting lifetime together full of life and love. We can't WAIT for your wedding. Cheers, guys!

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There are many photographers who can take good pictures. There are a few photographers who can take great pictures. No question that Deevo is one of the GREATS! I know that 20 years from now, when I look at my wedding pictures their beautiful work will effortlessly transport me back to the best day of my life.

Missy & Mark

Missy & Mark