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EMILY+JUSTIN | Henry Connor Bost House Charlotte NC Wedding Photography

Deevo Tindall - Thursday, January 04, 2018
EMILY+JUSTIN | Henry Connor Bost House Charlotte NC Wedding Photography

Stunning image of the wedding rings

Bride and Groom kissing in an open field

Bride and Groom leaningup against a red barn kissing

Best man giving an emotional toast during the wedding reception

Bride and Groom sitting alone before the ceremony enjoying a quiet moment to themselves

The Bridesmaids posing together for a very fun and unique bridal party photograph

The Groom and his Groomsmen posing and looking quite dapper

Bride and Groom having a very intimate first kiss after the wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom wedding photograph after stealing away from the reception under the floating lights

Emily and Justin wedding photography in Charlotte North Carolina at the Henry Connor Bost House from Fusion Photography on Vimeo.

The Love Story - In their words

Q. How did you meet?
A: We met working at Red Rocks Cafe in Birkdale in January of 2012. I graduated college at Appalachian State in December. I spent the months of October-December teaching in Ireland and came back to the states to graduate. I was not sure what to do with my life and generally pretty lost. I was living at home with my mom. Justin was working at Red Rocks when I started.

Q. What was your first impression? (Emily)
My first impression of Justin was interesting. He was a trainer at the restaurant. He was a little cold and didn't pay me much attention. I realized we grew up in the same area so I tried to make small talk with him but he wasn't having it. He was very serious about work and didn't seem to want a lot of nonsense. So I pretty much wrote him off and didn't think too much about it. A few weeks later, out of nowhere, he came up to me in the morning and started talking to me...a lot. He was asking me all kinds of questions and seemed really interested (complete opposite of how he acted when we first met). He invited me to go get lunch with him on break. He was so charming, sweet, and interested. From then on, I was pretty much obsessed with him.

What was your first impression? (Justin)
Emily was bubbly and hot. I could tell she had a kind heart. I was shy when we first met and it took me time to warm up.

Q. Where was your first date? What did you do?
A:Our first official date was to Alton's Kitchen and Cocktails in Cornelius. We went to a fancy dinner.

Q. At what point did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together? (Two responses)
A: Emily - I can't really boil it down to one moment or point in time. I feel like my soul saw his and it just seemed like we were meant to be.
Justin - When I realized she was not only someone I loved but my best friend.

Q. Can you tell me how the proposal went down?
A. He took me on a mountain trip the weekend before Valentine's Day. He insisted we start on the Blue Ridge at my favorite spot, Beacon Heights. We walked to the top and sat at the overlook. Surprisingly, we were the only ones at the overlook. He asked me to trust him while he took Rosie, our dog, somewhere. When he came back, he asked me to stand up and he told me some amazing things. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Q. Each of you tell me one humorous, loving story about the other. Example - "When we were in Costa Rica last summer and she got really sick, he never complained, and every day he brought me soup, meds, etc. and loved me back to health, it was then that I realized he was a keeper"
A. Emily and I were on our way to an old friend's wedding. The whole ride she complained about feeling nauseous and let me drive. Right when we got to the wedding, she was out of the car on all fours puking. I had to help her with old napkins from the car and ask the caterers for help. We ended up having to make it through the wedding (we were so late).

Justin was there for me when I had a pretty ridiculous fall on my bike. I was riding around the apartment complex following him and Rosie (our dog). I was being loud and showing off per usual. I went on the grass to follow them and tried to ride my bike up a grass hill. Well there was too much friction and my bike ended up basically stopping and I fell over (it looked ridiculous I'm sure). Justin and Rosie came running. He helped me up and carried me to the apartment while I cried/laughed all at once.

Deevo's Take:

Emily is the daughter of a very close and personal friend of mine.  When I was first asked to photograph the wedding, I was of course honored, but a bit reticent.  I don't normally photograph weddings for close friends and/or family.  But I made an exception because of how much I love and adore the mother of the bride.  She has had a significant impact on my life and I will always feel obligated to repay her.  Photographing their wedding seemed like a great way to reflect part of my gratitude.

What struck me most about this wedding - was how much LOVE and ADORATION existed from everyone.  Bride comes from a blended family so there were all sorts of dynamics going on, but for this one day EVERYONE left their distinctions and drama at home and just celebrated Emily and Justin.  It was overwhelming and on several occasions, I found myself tearing up.  I'd love to hear any feedback from this post.  Cheers #onelove

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Being comfortable with your photographer is huge and they were able to create an atmosphere that allowed for that.

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