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8 best blogs to follow about photography

Deevo Tindall - Thursday, October 01, 2015

As a photographer, we are inspired at every turn.  It's as simple as sitting at a red light and watching cloud formations move across the sky, or the way a couple at the cross-walk looks at each other as they cross the street.  We also watch other photographers, we look at their work and yes we sometimes try to emulate what we see and inspires us.  It's important that we always challenge ourselves and grow.  Notice I did not say plagiarize others work, I said emulate and be inspired.  I follow several other photographers and photography websites in order to learn, grow and be inspired.  Below is a list in no particular order some of my favorite online resources that are photography related.

1. Jasmine Star Photography Blog (


Jasmine Star is a self-taught photographer out my home state of California. She describes herself as an atypical child who grew up loving photography but stifled her creativity by first joining the business world, and even attending law-school. Once she broke out of the rut of the corporate America and joined the creative world, she blossomed into the enigmatic and charismatic woman she is today. She was gifted her first camera in 2005 after marrying her high school sweetheart, and her journey of self-discovery and photography started there.

She has photographed hundreds of weddings all over the world and she documents each and everyone on her gorgeous and interactive blog, which incidentally is one of the most commented on photography blogs I have ever viewed. Her social media following exceeds 150,000 and her content ranges from photography to business to personal musings.

2.  Digital Camera World (

DCW is a robust and informational website that posts daily content for all things photography. Product reviews, self-help cheat sheets for posing, tutorials, online classes - you name it, if it involves photography, you can bet they have a resource or a posting about it. When I first became serious about becoming a professional photographer, I often referenced DCW and still do today for tips, advice, inspiration, product reviews and more. It's a must read follow for any serious or amateur photographer looking to up their game when it comes to photography.

3.Scott Kelby (

Scott Kelby is a favorite resource of mine that I have been following for years.  Funny, interesting and incredibly unique, Scott Kelby is an international award-winning photographer who has published hundreds of books on technique, lighting, style and more.  Once primarily a photographer, based on his success in the industry, many now see him as one of the modern gurus of photography and most of his time is now dedicated to traveling the world conducting workshops and seminars on photography.  His website offers a plethora of photography knowledge on a diversified range of topics that include guest bloggers, lighting, technique and anything everything photography related. 

4. Kevin Kubota (

Kevin Kubota is my go to guide when it comes to lighting. Off-camera lighting, on-camera lighting, anything and everything about how-to lighting. I have been reading and following Scott Kelby for over ten years. I own and reference many of his books on lighting and technique and if there is any one photographer I commonly reference on technique it is he. One of my favorite reads is his lighting technique book "Lighting Notebook - 101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Photographers", an international best-seller and my dog-eared bible on unique and dramatic lighting setups.

5. Photography Concentrate (

I love this blog from founders Rob and Lauren who created a simple and easy to read format for professionals and amateurs alike.  Their musings on photography and personal touch to postings provides an interesting and fun read every time.  Photography Concentrate Blog includes original content on style, technique, products and Rob and Lauren's personal life and interests.  They offer tutorials, downloads, templates and a bevy of useful tools for anyone interested in the world of photography.  As they put it, "photography is for life...why not have fun while doing it".

6. F-Stoppers (

Fstoppers is a community based photography news website featuring the latest industry news and original articles from photographers and videographers around the world and a must read and follow for anyone who considers themselves a "photographer". The cool thing about Fstoppers is the content is created mostly by guest writers who also happen to be subject matter experts on the various topics AND some of the best photographers in the world. Several of the photographers that I referenced above (Jasmine Star, Scott Kelby, Kevin Kubota) are just a few of the authors of Fstoppers multitude of creative content.

Fstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. Started in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.

Today the website reaches over 1.5 million photographers and averages around 4.2 million pageviews a month. Fstoppers has been featured on NPR, The Huffington Post, Resource Magazine, Mashable, Gizmodo, Tech Crunch,, Facebook Business, Vimeo Staff Picks, Adobe, Life Hacker, ABC News, BuzzFeed, and many other industry leading news outlets.

7. Creative Live (

CreativeLive is an online learning platform that broadcasts live classes to an international audience. CreativeLive empowers you to unleash your potential by bringing the world’s greatest experts directly to you, live. Featuring workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, crafting, and software training, CreativeLive unlocks previously closed doors by making dynamic education accessible to everyone.  Anyone can watch our live online workshops — for free — and interact with instructors in real time. 

8. PhotoMint (

If you want to turn your passion for photography into a thriving business, PhotoMint is the online resource.  If you’re an established photographer looking to take your photography business to the next level, PhotoMint has the resources to help you do that.  Lara White is the founder of PhotoMint, an educational and business development resource for photographers. Prior to her career in photography, Lara spent many years in non-profit executive management, raising millions for literacy programs, victims of domestic violence and other charitable projects for underserved populations.

She transferred many of the skills and practices that made her successful in the non-profit sector, helping her manage and grow a thriving wedding photography studio with a team of six. Her studio’s images have appeared in over 70 publications worldwide. Her heart to help others has led her to “pay it forward” and utilize her success in business to help you build the strongest photography business possible.












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